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Sterling Partners unique Associate's program, designed as an alternative to the constant "seminar guru's", who charge considerable amounts of money to teach individuals how to invest, without follow-up or common benefit. 


The program is designed to pair qualified and motivated individuals with the Company's Associate Program Director, who trains and mentors the individuals for up to two (2) years into becoming successful Real Estate Investors - AT NO CHARGE - with the company providing office space and various services, including assisting with obtaining capital.


The company assists the individual with setting up their own company, named and primarily owned by the Associate, with a minor ownership by Sterling Partners to provide the ability to properly manage it.  In the Associate’s company (Associate Co.), the Associate negotiates to purchase properties at deep discounts. Sterling provides the marketing, sales, property management and more to get the property prepared and sold.  About half of all sales are to investor/rehabber types and about half the time to individuals who are seeking an opportunity to own a home for little down with them doing the neccessary repairs.


Properties sold on an Owner Financed Note are typically managed by Sterling Partners for long term income for both the Associate Co and Sterling Partners. 


Properties sold for cash to investors/rehabbers or on auction  repay all cost of acquisition.  Then the profits are split between the Associate Co and Sterling Partners.  Thus, providing monthly immediate cash.


Sterling Partners assist with setting up a company for the Associate to do their Real Estate Investing , and providing (for a fee) office space, desk, phones, free long distance, computers and other equipment, legal assistance, secretarial assistance, research assistance, title help, financing help, sales assistance, collections and more, all as part of their services.  The fee is typically around $200/mo, but varies depending on the city and services provided.  And the fee is NEVER paid by the Associate.  The office fee expense is taken out of profits, and only when profits are available.


The Associate typically does not need any capital, as the Sterling Partners directly provides some of the needed capital at no interest cost as well as locating any other capital needed through outside sources – leaving the Associate primarily providing only hard work and determination.



The Associate Program is designed for success driven people in order to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. To become an Associate with Sterling Partners you must be:

1. Self-Motivated / Self-Starter.

2. Be Trainable (if you think you know it all - please do not apply).

3. Internet Literate (be very familiar with doing searches on the internet).

4. Be at least familiar with using Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

5. Be a people person - comfortable negotiating with people you do not know.

6. Upbeat, positive, and pro-active. Negative people, or a naysayer - find another career.

7. Have RELIABLE transportation.

8. Have a source of income, or evening job to sustain your bills for a minimum of 90 days, this is not a job, it is a program to build wealth and income that takes at least a little time.

9. You will need to authorize a background and criminal check to be done on yourself, per the Associate Application.

10. You will need to sign an Associate Agreement, which has certain guidelines related to non-compete, non-disclosure and defined specifically how you make money on your deals.

11. No funds are typically required from the Associate for anything. 

NOTE:  Associates operates independent of Hilton Head Properties, Inc., Hilton Head Finance, LLC, SF Estate Investments, LLC and any other Hilton Head Properties related company.  Hilton Head Properties, Inc and any subsidiaries, direct affiliated companies and owned entities have no ownership interest in Sterling Partners, LLC nor in the Associate Co’s.

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If you're interested in becoming a Sterling Partner.  Feel free to contact us. We offer you all of the tools and contacts you need to make it in this business. You need to be ambitious, aggressive and willing to stay focused on the goal.
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