Sterling Partners was formed for the purpose of training quality, motivated individuals, to become real estate investors using the company’s resources of capital, knowledge, direction, support services and connections for a common goal to profit in opportunities in distressed single family and multi-family real estate.

Sterling Partners has departmental support in: Finance, Title, Documentation, Sales, Research, Property Management, Mortgage Management, Marketing, Legal, Training, Web Applications, Acquisition, Online Real Estate Auctions and more.

Sterling Partners also pairs the large deals the Associates locate and negotiate with investors seeking to participate in projects from $250k to $10 mil.

Sterling Partners mission statement is to train, define and motivate individuals towards the goal of locating, researching, negotiating and investing in distressed properties that need specialized help that few others could handle…

...... and in the process, place many of such properties which need help, into the hands of those wanting to own a home, but never thought possible. And do so without using any government programs.  Converting predominately ‘rental’ communities – into pride of ownership.

Therein, providing Associates and Sterling Partners with significant profits and Investors with an opportunity to obtain considerably higher yields with security by focusing on distressed properties at deep discounts and turning them into valuable, well - operated income properties and mortgages.



If you're interested in becoming a Sterling Partner.  Feel free to contact us.  We offer you all of the tools and contacts you need to make it in this business. You need to be ambitious, aggressive and willing to stay focused on the goal.
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